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Actually managing the risk under NEC - Part 1 - featuring Jon Broome, Nick Williams and Richard Bendall-Jones

We believe our software can make managing and administering NEC significantly better - so we went to the man who literally wrote the book on NEC and challenged him to put our technology to the test…

Jon Broome is an independent expert who spent five years researching NEC under one of its co-instigators, Professor John Perry, and another twenty-five years consulting on it.

His best-selling series of NEC User Guides is considered indispensable to anyone looking to become an expert in the field. But what would he make of nPlan?

Following a series of intense discussions in which Jon grilled nPlan Commercial Director Nick Williams and Product Manager Richard Bendall-Jones, it quickly became clear that the conversation taking place–and the product demos being shown–would be highly valuable to NEC professionals and the industry at large, and should be opened up to a wider audience.

As a result, Jon, Nick and Richard captured their back and forth in a three episode series entitled ‘Actually managing the risk under NEC’. 

Over the course of the series, our three NEC musketeers will be discussing whether AI-led assurance can help you:

- Get a better accepted programme in place and help update it faster
- Contribute to a more effective management of early warnings
- Make the assessment of compensation events easier

Episode One is now ready for you to watch - enjoy!

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